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We are saddened and outraged about the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and other instances of deadly attacks, racism and harassment against Black Americans. We join the calls from people of all backgrounds and communities for meaningful action and change to address the systemic and deep rooted discrimination and racial inequalities that communities of all colors continue to experience. We encourage you to raise your feelings, thoughts and concerns regarding these issues directly to your supervisors and Senior Management. As Diversity and Inclusion are core values of Project Live, these incidents raise the larger context of the importance and value of recognizing that we all have different viewpoints arising from different backgrounds, experiences and cultural upbringings that contribute to how we are impacted by incidents such as this. This is an opportune moment for dialogue and engagement of all of us at the agency on the impact of these incidents no matter what community we feel that we belong to. A hallmark of Inclusion is the understanding and empathy for others; we need to ensure that everyone feels that this is an important and supported aspect of Project Live’s culture. We are confident that together we can meaningfully navigate a path forward on the difficult and challenging issues arising from these incidents.


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